Rise of the Runelords

The Desecrated Vault

Session 2 - 05/19/2017

Sunday 23 Rova, 4707 – Toilday 25 Rova, 4707

Pyresmoke – Mike
Yasuhdo – Andrew
Gladreich – Matt
Thaddeus – Alex
Ragnar – Sean

Starday 23 Rova, 4707

After a much deserved rest the party was approached by Sheriff Hemlock the next day. After the goblin attack it was discovered that the grave of Ezakien Tobyn, the town’s previous priest, was broken into. The party agreed to help him checkout the grave and found Ezakien’s corpse missing, along with two hostile animated skeletons. An old robe was discovered, identified as an inert Robe of Bones by Pyresmoke. Gladreich took the robe and began to search for a hound to track the scent.

The local hunter Jerold was hired to help track whoever stole Ezakien’s corpse. His hound Scruffy tracked the scent northeast along the Lost Coast Road. Just before crossing the Thistle River the group was attacked by a group of Mosswood goblins. The goblin were all killed with the exception of one, given the name Chris by Pyresmoke. After interrogating Chris it was discovered that the goblin tribes worked together to attack Sandpoint. With this knowledge the group returned to town.

Sunday 24 Rova, 4707

The following morning the party joined Aldern Foxglode, the rescued nobleman, on a hunt at dawn. Yasuhdo agreed to teach Aldern how to fight and arranged a training regiment . The boar killed during the hunt was dropped off at the Rusty Dragon to be used for dinner.

After the hunt the group arrived at the garrison and talked to Hemlock about the goblins. It is believed that they are being united by an unknown benefactor. It is unlike goblins to work together like this. Hemlock has left for Magnimar to request the aid of additional soldiers against this new threat. The elf ranger Shalelu explained the five major goblin tribes and some notable goblin individuals.

While staying at the Rusty Dragon Thaddeus overhead an argument between the owner Ameiko and her father Lonjiku. After exchanging angry words in their native tongue Lonjiku stormed out. Ameiko explained that he wanted her to leave town with him or else be cut out of the family inheritance.

Moonday 25 Rova, 4707

The next day Ameiko is no where in sight. Bethana, a halfling who works at the Rusty Dragon, approached Yashudo with a crumpled note written in minkaian. While not fluent in the language she knows enough that it troubles her. She begs Yashudo to help find Ameiko and believes her to be in danger.



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