Rise of the Runelords

Glass and Wrath

Session 3 - 05/26/2017

Wealday 26 Rova, 4707

Pyresmoke – Mike
Yasuhdo – Andrew
Gladreich – Matt
Thaddeus – Alex
Ragnar – Sean

Gladreich, Pyresmoke, and Thaddeus began making preparations to help protect the town against another goblin attack. A new archery training regiment was spearheaded by Gladreich while Thaddeus began examining the town’s defenses for weaknesses. Yasuhdo, after reading Tsuto’s letter to Ameiko, decided to investigate the glassworks with the help of Jerold and his hound.

No one answered the door to the glassworks and the windows were all shuttered. Kicking the front door down he began to explore the building and found a pack goblins among mutilated bodies. During the fight the rest of the party arrived. The goblins were exterminated but one of Pyresmoke’s goblins was killed by the crowd that had gathered outside. The body of Lonjitsu was found inside and was coated in glass.

After exploring the ground level of the glassworks the party descended into the basement to find sections of the walls broken down. Tsuto was discovered in an office in the basement. After a breif scuffle he attempted to flee down a tunnel. The party caught up to him and he fought to his death. A journal was found on his dead body. Ameiko was found soon after, locked in a store room. She told the party that Tsuto wanted her to join his insane schemes but when she refused she was beaten unconscious by the goblins. She did not take the news of her fathers death well and has retreated to the Rusty Dragon for the time being.

The tunnel that Tsuto tried to escape down was explored. It was discovered that one branch of the tunnel led to a hidden cave overlooking the gulf. The other led to an ancient dungeon filled with strange monsters below the city.

The party explored the dungeon’s depths killing the monsters that inhabited it. During a fight with a vargouille Chris was cursed and given a swift merciful death. They found a collapsed stairway and after excavating it discovered that it led to the surface of Sandpoint. The town watch has since been posted to guard the hole that leads to the dungeon while the party rests. Gladreich, unable to sleep, also guards the hole.



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