Rise of the Runelords

Murder Most Foul

Session 8 - 07/14/2017

Sunday 30 Rova, 4707 – Oathday 4 Lamashan, 4707

Pyresmoke – Mike
Yasuhdo – Andrew
Gladreich – Matt
Ragnar – Sean

Sunday 30 Rova, 4707

The group loaded up their cart with the treasures of Thistletop and gave their goblin underlings orders to no longer kill humans. On the return journey home they past a group of gamblers and Pyresmoke ended up losing money in a questionable game of dice. Guarding the Sandpoint walls were a number of new soldiers from Magnimar. The Glassworks had been cleaned up and the wall in the smugglers tunnel was completed.

Moonday 1 Lamashan, 4707 – Toilday 2 Lamashan, 4707

A number of days passed peacefully in town. Pyresmoke went to the Turandarok Academy to learn more of the arcane arts. Headmaster Gandethus showed him the basement of the Academy which was filled with items he acquired during his travels. He agreed to helped teach Pyresmoke the basics of arcane magic. Yasuhdo rented some forge space from Red Dog Smithy and began to craft magic weapons for the group. Gladreich moved his things into the servants quarters of the Glassworks and worked on creating armor from yeth hound hide. Ragnar got into some trouble dealing with Vinder’s daughter. After the ordeal Ragnar has taken to taunting Vinder from a bench outside his shop.

Wealday 3 Lamashan, 4707

Hemlock approached Yasuhdo the next morning with a bloody note bearing his name. It was found on the corpse of a recently murdered man. He asked if Yasuhdo and the rest of the group could help in investigating these recent murders. The first bodies were found on 2nd of Lamashan at an abandoned barn outside of town. Three people were found dead and a survivor was found raving mad. Those killed were the three con men who Pyresmoke had lost money to. The mad man Grayst was taken to Habe’s Sanatorium. Two more bodies were found on the 3rd at the Sandpoint saw mill. Banny Harker, who operated the mill, and Katrine Vinder were murdered. Everyone except Katrine had a seven pointed star carved into their chest.

Oathday 4 Lamashan, 4707

Pyresmoke, Yasuhdo, and Ragnar headed to the sanatorium to question the crazed man. After some convincing they talked the doctor into letting them meet Grayst. After seeing Yasuhdo the man went into a trance and told him to seek out his master at the Misgivings before collapsing. Pyresmoke recognized the man to be suffering from the advanced stages of ghoul fever. Yasuhdo offered to return to town to get the head priest but this angered the doctor who ordered his body guards to attack. A few moments later zombies and a wizard attacked from the basement. Eventually the enemies were killed and the two tiefling body guards surrendered.


Gladreich refused to go to the crazy house because of 2 reasons. 1. It was his birthday and he wasn’t working on his birthday. 2. Crazy people make him very uneasy and the thought of meeting a whole place filled with crazies is a whole lot of hope.

Murder Most Foul

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