Rise of the Runelords

The Thistletop Coup

Session 5 - 06/23/2017

Fireday 28 Rova, 4707

Pyresmoke – Mike
Yasuhdo – Andrew
Gladreich – Matt
Thaddeus – Alex
Ragnar – Sean

Pyresmoke crossed the rickety bridge first with his goblin Chris. With a combination of threats, bribes, and spectacle he convinced the goblins on the other side to join him in fighting the goblin warchieft Rippnugget. The group entered the stronghold killing the goblins who refused to join their ranks. A crazed warhorse was found locked away in a courtyard. Gladreich and Yasuhdo managed to calm and heal the beast.

The party bust open the doors to the throne room. Ripnugget, oddly calm, tried to hold a discussion with the group. He beckoned to Pyresmoke to approach his throne and discuss their terms, but this was in reality an ambush. The rest of the party and their goblins rushed into the room and began to fight. Just as it appeared Ripnugget was going to regain control over the goblins Yasuhdo managed to cut his arm off. The goblins turned on Ripnugget again and Yasuhdo killed the warcheif with a well placed slice that decapitated him. The warcheif’s lizard was chopped to pieces by Ragnar.

After looting the first floor of the stronghold the party began to explorer the basement. During their exploring a mage was encountered who fled the battle after being wounded. A tentacled monster surrounded by goblin corpses was left locked in its cave. The bugbear Bruthazmus was found among the warcheif’s harem, all of whom were slain. An unopened stone door lies before the party, carved with gruesome images of monsters clawing their way out of pregnant women.



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