Rise of the Runelords

Well of Sin

Session 4 - 06/16/2017

Oathday 27 Rova, 4707 – Fireday 28 Rova, 4707

Pyresmoke – Mike
Yasuhdo – Andrew
Thaddeus – Alex
Ragnar – Sean

Wealday 27 Rova, 4707

After a night of rest the party descended back into the catacombs below town. An underground cathedral devoted to Lamashtu was found, guarded by more sinspawn and a quasit. The quasit shirked in anger and preformed a blood ritual that summoned more sinspawn from a glowing well. She attacked the party and nearly dealt a fatal blow to Ragnar. Before the blow was struck an arrow fired by Yasuhdo pinned her to a wall. The party drained the runewell of power by using the blood ritual to summon and kill the sinspawn that emerged until it was empty.

While the priests of the town were attempting to purify the evil grounds below the party examined the collapsed lighthouse for clues. Ameiko met with the party later that night and revealed that she had transferred the deed of the glass works to the group. Tsuto’s journal hinted that the woman of “celestial taint” was working to unseal a monster named Malfeshnekor at Thistletop. In preparation the group hired two local mercenaries; a monk and a rogue. A priest was also convinced to aid the party. Shalelu, who harbors a hatred of goblins and especially of Bruthazmus, agreed to travel to Thistletop as well.

Oathday 28 Rova, 4707

The journey the next morning along the Lost Coast Road was uneventful and after crossing the Thistle River the party found themselves at a large briar patch near the coast. Another goblin of Pyresmoke’s, given the name Chris, lead the group through the briar maze. After defeating the goblin druid Gogmurt they found the rope bridge that lead to the Thistletop stronghold upon an island.



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