Rise of the Runelords

Malfeshnekor's Prison

Session 7 - 07/07/2017

Starday 29 Rova, 4707

Pyresmoke – Mike
Yasuhdo – Andrew
Gladreich – Matt
Ragnar – Sean

The next morning the party regrouped and returned to the lower level of the stronghold. After defeating restless spirits in the crypt Gladreich came across a hidden passage. The passage lead to a flooded treasury which was guarded by a giant hermit crab inside a large golden helmet. The crab was defeated and the ancient riches were plundered. The helmet is very valuable but it weights over 300 lbs.

Hidden behind a carving of a giant stack of coins was yet another passage. It led to a large room with many more doors. Behind the first door was a room with an animated image of a man speaking. He is the same man as depicted in the many statues throughout the stronghold. The other room was filled with surgical equipment and deformed skeletons. Inside was a key to unlock the last chamber of the stronghold.

Behind the last door was large open room with a brazier burning in the center. The party entered and began to search the room until they noticed a monster waiting on the ceiling. Malfeshnekor leaped down and began to fight the party, shifting in and out of existence while it fought. Eventual and monster was dealt a fatal blow and treasures in the room were looted. With the stronghold now safe the party rested again and began to plan their return to Sandpoint.



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